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 Premium Special Trains  Booking Opened in Premium Special Trains 09417:ADI-DEE (Sun/Fri) for Journey date 11/13/18/20/25/27-04-2014;02067:LTT-BSB (Fri) for Journey date 11/18-04-2014; 02068:BSB-LTT (Sat) for Journey date 12-04-2014;02069:LTT-BSB (Fri) for Journey date 25-04-2014; 02015:LTT-GKP (Sun) for Journey date 13/20-04-2014; 02016:GKP-LTT (Tue) for Journey date 15/22-04-2014; 02204:SC-VSKP (Thu) for Journey date 17-04-2014;02203:VSKP-SC (Sun) for Journey date 20-04-2014; 22913:BCT-NDLS(Wed/Fri/Sun) for Journey date 11/13/16/18/20/23/25/27/30-04-2014;22914:NDLS-BCT(Mon/Thu/Sat) for Journey date 12/14/17/19/21-04-2014;00851:BBS-YPR (Wed) for Journey date 16/23-04-2014; 00852:YPR-BBS (Thu) for Journey date 17/4,24/4,01/05-2014; 02503:KYQ-NDLS(Wed) for Journey 16/23/30-04-2014;02695:YPR-JP (Thu) for Journey 10/4/17/4/24/4/01-05-2014;02696:JP-YPR (Sat) for Journey 12/19/26-04-2014;09725:JP-BDTS (Sun) for Journey 13/20-04-2014;09726:BDTS-JP (Mon) for Journey 14/21/28-04-2014;02353:PNBE-BNC(Thu) for Journey 17/24-04-2014;02445:NDLS-JAT(Tue/Fri/Sun) for Journey 11/13/15/18/20-04-2014;02446:JAT-NDLS(Mon/Wed/Sat) for Journey 12/14/16/19/21-04-2014;02451:CNB-JAT (Thu) for Journey 10/17-04-2014;02452:JAT-CNB (Fri) for Journey 11/18-04-2014;02504:NDLS-KYQ(Thu) for Journey 17/24-04-2014;02863:HWH-YPR (Mon) for Journey 21/28-04-2014;08797:DURG-UMB(Sun) for Journey 20/23/27/30-04-2014;09418:DEE-ADI (Mon/Sat) for Journey 12/14/19/21-04-2014;09726:BDTS-JP (Mon) for Journey 14/21-04-2014;02017:LTT-GKP (Sun) for journey 27-04-2014;02354: BNC-PNBE (Sun) for journey 20/27-04-2014;02864:YPR-HWH (Wed) for journey 23/30-04-2014;08798:UMB-DURG(Mon/Thu) for journey 21/4/24/4/28/4/01-05-2014;09051:ST-CPR(Sat) for journey 19/26-04-2014;02841:HWH-MAS(Fri) for journey 25-04-2014;02723:SC-NDLS(Fri) for Journey 25-04-2014;06311:MAS-TVC(Thu) for Journey 24-04-2014;09052:CPR-ST(Sun) for Journey 20-04-2014;06312:TVC-MAS(Wed) for journey 23-04-2014;02070:BSB-LTT(Sat) for Journey 26-04-2014;06745:MAS-TEN(Fri) for journey 25-04-2014”;02018:GKP-LTT(Tue) for journey 29-04-2014;02842:MAS-HWH(Sat) for journey 26-04-2014;06746:TEN-MAS(Fri) for journey 25-04-2014.                    Attention: Dear International Card holders, for booking rail tickets through International Credit Cards kindly login to Service Provider of IRCTC)  IRCTC Shop Mobile App IRCTC Shopping
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