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benefits of booking tickets using airtel money

  • no data charges
  • works on majority of handsets
  • interactive and guided menu
  • quick response time
Note: Only airtel money subscribers with a registered IRCTC user ID can access the ticket booking menu.

quick check

  • Active airtel mobile connection. Don't have?     get it now
  • IRCTC user ID with updated airtel money mobile number.
    To register or update mobile number at IRCTC, Click here

how it works


Getting airtel money is super-easy! Register in 3 simple steps:

  • fill in your basic details like Name and Date of birth
  • select mPin
  • enter the One-Time Password (OTP)
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Load cash now in just 3
easy steps using

  • Netbanking
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  • Debit card or Maestro Card

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You can also load cash at an authorized airtel money outlet. To locate , SMS OUTLET <PINCODE> to 121

book ticket
  • Dial *400# from your airtel mobile
  • Select "Book Tickets" and then "Rail booking"
  • Choose Reservation ( if you wish to search trains & choose) or Easybook ( if you know the train number)
  • Follow the instructions in the menu

You can also use other features like Information services ( PNR enquiry , Train Search etc), Cancellation and My account

Note: When you select 'Reservation' for the first time, you will be asked to enter your IRCTC user ID (associated with the mobile number) and upon validation you can continue to book your ticket

guided tour

Select an option from the drop down below to view the guided tour of the airtel money ticket booking menu.

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Frequently Asked Questions | IRCTC - Indian Railways Booking

  1. 1What is the USSD short code for IRCTC service on airtel money?
  2. 2Do we need to register for airtel money service before we can use IRCTC rail ticket booking service on airtel money?
  3. 3Do we need to register for IRCTC service before we can use IRCTC rail ticket booking service on airtel money?
  4. 4Where do we register for IRCTC service?
    You need to register for IRCTC services on the IRCTC portal before you use the IRCTC service on airtel money.
  5. 5What are the steps to register for IRCTC service on
    • Login to
    • Click on "Sign Up" option which is under "login" section of the homepage
    • Enter your all important and correct information to book Indian railways train ticket, including image code verification
    • Provide your acceptance for Terms & Conditions
  6. 6To access IRCTC service on airtel money, should the mobile # registered for IRCTC service be airtel mobile?
    Yes. The mobile # entered should be airtel number, else we will not be able to use the airtel money service for rail ticket booking in IRCTC
  7. 7Do we need to use the IRCTC userid in airtel money, while booking rail ticket?
    Yes. A user will be prompted once to enter his registered userid (registered on IRCTC website) for authentication. This is only required for the first time. In subsequent attempts, this information will not be required to be entered by the user.
  8. 8Is IRCTC userid case sensitive?
  9. 9Can you please provide a brief on the key flows?

    Registration – This is needed for booking and cancellation. Only users that have an active id on the IRCTC website ( can book and cancel tickets.

    Reservation/Easy Book – Both these flows enable users to book railway tickets based on the journey details entered by them. There are just 2 main differences between the 2, viz,

    • Reservation can be used by subscribers who do not know the train number for their intended journey. Easy Book users will always need to know the explicit train numbers for their travel.
    • Reservation users are shown seat availability for 6 days (intended Date Of Journey + next 5 days), and they can choose among them if desired. Easy Book users have no option of checking availability or changing Date Of Journey mid-flow.

    Information Services - These flows can be accessed by any airtel money subscriber, whether they have an active IRCTC user id or not, with nominal charges. These include

    • PNR Enquiry – Enables users to check the status of any rail booking PNR, no matter which medium has been used for booking (ie, AMP, online portal, ticket counters)
    • Search Train – If subscribers are not aware of the train options available between intended journey stations on particular days, this option can be used.
    • Check Seat Availability – Given source, destination, date of journey and train number, will return availability of seats.

    Cancellation – Tickets booked via AMP by the subscribers own MSISDN can be cancelled using this flow. Individual passenger cancellation can also be done (for tickets with more than 1 passenger).

    My Account – Using these menus, the subscriber can check their IRCTC booking history (for those done via AMP).

    • Search using PNR number – Given a PNR for a subscriber's own booking, will give latest details for the PNR.
    • Last 5 PNR – Shows the last 5 PNR booked from the subscriber's MSISDN, any which can be selected to view the details of.
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  10. 10 Are tatkaal ticket booking allowed?
  11. 11Which Language is supported for current phase 1?
    Only English is supported in Phase 1
  12. 12What is the maximum # of train tickets (PNR's) that we can book in a month using airtel money?
    The total # of tickets (PNR's) that a user can book in IRCTC is 10. This is inclusive of tickets booked through web channel as well airtel money or any other mobile channel. Tickets booked through agents are not included in this count.
  13. 13Will rail ticket booking service work on all handsets / Operating system?
    Some handsets do not support USSD service and you may not be able to use few or all the features of airtel money . You are requested to verify the same by dialing *400# before signing up for the service . Few identified handset ( not limited to ) having this issue are- Nokia Lumia 710 , Nokia Lumia 800 , Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 , Samsung Galaxy Ace(R Series) , Samsung Galaxy S2 , HTC Wildfire, G5,Onion, Lemon, Sigmatel FXD T99i, Elitex 8502 / X6012 / X6011, GTQ 718, SIMTEL Zt 6199, GD 910, Cromozome, Samsung GT – S5360
  14. 14Is the reservation service available 24 hours?
    IRCTC reservation service is not available from 08:00 to 12:00 and 23:30 to 00:30. It is available during all other times.

    Check PNR (My Account) and Cancellation service are available at any time of the day
  15. 15What is the age validation for senior citizens?
    Female – 58 years
    Male – 60 years
  16. 16What is the age validation for child passengers?
    Age of a child passenger can be between 0-5 years
  17. 17What is the age validation for a passenger ticket reservation?
    Age of a passenger can be between 5-125 years
  18. 18Till when (date from the current date) can you book an IRCTC rail ticket using airtel money?
    Tickets can be booked up to 4 months from the current date . This duration is subject to change at the discretion of IRCTC/Indian Rail
  19. 19Is it mandatory for all passengers who avail senior citizen discount, to carry age proof while traveling?
    Yes. It is absolutely mandatory to carry age ID card/proof during travel. This document / proof will be checked by the TT.
  20. 20How is the customer prompted for senior citizen discount?
    When the customer enters passenger details, in case the customer age qualifies for senior citizen and train type allows senior citizen discount, (s)he is prompted to confirm if (s)he wants to avail the senior citizen discount by carrying a valid ID proof. Based on the customer input, AMP marks the customer record for senior citizen discount while sending the information to IRCTC
  21. 21Is the senior citizen discount validation done for each of the passenger?
  22. 22What is the maximum number of passengers allowed per rail ticket booking (per PNR)?
  23. 23What is the maximum number of child passengers allowed per booking?
  24. 24Will tickets be issued for child passengers?
  25. 25When are child passenger details asked from the user? Can the child passenger be booked before the passenger details?
    Once the passenger details are completely provided by the user, (s)he is asked for child passenger details
  26. 26What are the various charges involved in rail ticket booking using airtel money?
    Currently, there are 4 charges on a reservation service
    • Ticket Amount – Charged by IRCTC. This is the actual ticket costs
    • Service Charge - Charged by IRCTC. This is the charge levied by IRCTC over and above the ticket costs.
    • Agent Charge
    • Payment Gateway Charge

    In addition to this, there is an additional charge per successful Information service request executed by a user.

  27. 27Is the ticket cancelled instantly?
  28. 28Is the money returned immediately for a cancelled ticket?
    No. The money is returned within 3 working days
  29. 29What is the USSD access channel limit on the amount per transaction?
    INR 5,000 per transaction
  30. 30What is the full form of TDR?
    Ticket Deposit Receipt
  31. 31Please provide a brief on TDR
    TDR ( Ticket Deposit Receipt) – If the customer was not able to perform the journey due to any /or the following reason :
    • Train Cancelled By Railways and Passenger Not Travelled.
    • Train running Late by More than Three hours.
    • Difference of Fare in case proper coach not attached.
    • AC Failure
    • Travelled without proper ID proof
    • Wrongly charged by TTE
    • Party partially travelled
    • Passenger Not travelled
  32. 32Are there any specific TDR Rules?
    • The TDR Refund will be processed as per Extant Railway Rules.
    • TDR should be filed within 30 days of Departure of Train. E-ticket refund request (after chart preparation) can be filed. IRCTC will process the refund claim with the Railway Administration and refund granted by the Railway shall be credited to your account.
  33. 33Is there any validation on train # entered?
    Yes. Train number cannot be more that 5 digits
  34. 34What is the format used to enter passenger details?
  35. 35Is there any validation for the length of name?
    Name should be max of 16 characters in length and can include spaces
  36. 36Can a user book a mobile ticket on behalf of others?
  37. 37Can a notification be sent to another user?
    Yes. An sms can be sent to another mobile #, by mentioning the desired mobile #
  38. 38Will a user be able to check the PNR status of a ticket booked on IRCTC website?
    Yes. User can use Information Services menu PNR Inquiry to check the status of ticket booked through IRCTC website, retail agent or AMP
  39. 39What is the length of PNR No.?
    10 digits
  40. 40Canceling the ticket – Can the customer cancel part or full ticket?
    Yes. The customer can cancel ticket in part, as well as in full. On selecting Cancel Ticket menu, customer is asked to enter PNR number. Post initial validations, customer is displayed all the passenger information and asked to choose the passenger for which tickets needs to be cancelled. Customer is asked to confirm the cancellation and is enter MPIN
  41. 41What are various means by which a ticket booked through AMP can be cancelled by the user?
    A user may cancel tickets in the following ways:-
    • Use airtel money to cancel the ticket Cancellation Flow

    For TDR Filing, Customer needs to call Airtel Money Call centre and place the request